The Morning of the Wedding

On the morning of Saturday, April 26, 2014  at 10AM, family members of both the bride and groom are invited to convene at the Tran family home for the “bride pick up” and traditional wedding tea ceremony.


Parking was tight that day because it coincided with the neighborhood garage sale. Weather conditions were a bit cloudy, but overall a pleasant morning for festivities.

After the groom and his party arrived, they were subjected to a series of trials in order to have the honor of entering the Tran compound and winning the bride. The groom and his party proved their  sincerity by passing most of the trials rather than bargaining their way through via the use of  red packets containing money. The trials included:

  • Rubiks Cube Solving


  •  Trivia Contest with Lightning Round


  • Dance Performance to Taeyang’s “Wedding Dress”


Upon completion of the trials, the father of the bride and the bride descended the stairs to the entryway altar. The couple paid respects to the deities and ancestors with bowing and incense.


The bride and groom then served tea to grandparents and parents and other senior family members / friends.


Then there was much feasting and photography and merriment.


As the bride and groom were transported to the hotel for the Western ceremony, a light drizzle sprinkled their path — an auspicious start to a bountiful life together.

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